We welcome you to listen to the weekly sermons of Delta Fellowship Church. Our messages point to Jesus as the center of our faith. In every passage of Scripture, we ask "What does this teach us about God's character, God's work, and God's will?" We also ask how we as people can grow to be more like Jesus in discipleship. We make sure each sermon has practical applications for personal holiness and for doing good in our community.

A sermon series focused on the seven vision statements of Delta Fellowship Church.

"If One Member Suffers" – June 7, 2020

"How Long, Lord?" – May 31, 2020

"How to Make God Laugh" – April 19, 2020

Easter Sermon: "Dying to Bear Fruit" – April 12, 2020

"How to Practice Patience" – April 5, 2020

"Peace in Anxious Times" – March 29, 2020

"Proclaiming a Fast" – February 2020

"Threats to Rebuilding" – January 26, 2020

"What Rebuilding Requires" – January 19, 2020

"Getting the Right Vision" – January 5, 2020

"Don't Waste Your Waiting" – December 15, 2019

"We Are a Holy Priesthood" – November 4, 2019

"How to Walk on Water" – October 13, 2019